Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Bad Guys Win Again

For the A-Z Blog challenge, I will be addressing some of life's big questions. Perhaps together we can find the answers to many heretofore unsolvable mysteries.

is for Vehicles

Why do the bad guys always have the coolest vehicles? 

Exhibit A:
The Tie Fighter 
the X-Wing (Star Wars)

Exhibit B:

Sarris's Ship
Captain Nesmith (GalaxyQuest)

Exhibit C:
Romulon Ship (And possibly one of the coolest ships ever.)
 The New Enterprise (Star Trek)

Exhibit D:
Optimus Prime (This was pretty much a given when they made Optimus an 18 wheeler. Really. How can a truck compete with a stealth jet that can transform to a robot and back in mid-air?)

Exhibit E:
Cobra in a Hummer 
The Joes in a van (GI Joe. If it weren't for the Joes shooting out the window, it could just as easily be a soccer mom late for practice.)

Any exceptions you can think of? James Bond? Tony Sparks? What do you think?
Tomorrow's Question:
What Lies Beneath?

THX = thanks (I started with the easiest)
SOMY = sick of me yet?
ROFL = rolling on floor laughing
NE1 = anyone
BOOMS = bored out of my skull
AFAIK = as fas as I know
.02 = my two cents
BOSMKL = bending over smacking knee laughing
VBS = very big smile
WAJ = what a jerk
POS = parent over shoulder (meaning I can't say what I want because my parents are watching)

*bonus* 459 = I love you (because those are the numbers on a keypad for ILY)


  1. You gotta admit that James Bond has to be the exception to the rule. He always has some awesome vehicles!! :)

  2. Definitely James Bond and I <3 those texting answers...I knew most, but 459 and POS was new to me. Too cute.

  3. Love the Romulan ship! Looks like metal feathers. i have a super cool vehicle: my brand new Nissan Cube. It has more interior room than any car I've ever driven, is great on gas and looks like a space pod! I'm over from A to Z if you want to pop by. Catherine

  4. Seriously. The only thing different is the good guys have macs, and the bad guys have PCs.

  5. I have to disagree with your Star Wars ships. That's a bad pic of an x-wing you have there, and that's a TIE Advanced, not a regular TIE fighter. The x-wing is one of the best ships ever.
    I also like the good guy Galaxy Quest ship better. The bad guy one is just ugly. So is that Romulan thing.