Monday, May 7, 2012

A to Z Challenge: Debriefing

It was an exhausting month in the blogoshpere. The A to Z Challenge was just that, a challenge. But I have to admit, I loved it. 

The best part was visiting other blogs. I was stunned at the variety and quality of many of the blogs I visited. I saw themes that ranged from Gerbils to Physics to Castles of England to Characters from My Book. And all of them so interesting. Well done all you A to Zers. 

I guess there were nearly 2,000 participants, and I only managed to visit at most 175 different blogs. But of the ones I looked at, the following made my list of favorites.

Best of A to Z 2012:

Hanging on to Wonder, Jaye Robin Brown. Her theme centered around her recent years living in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Each of her posts was beautifully written and seemed to transport me to a calmer and more peaceful way of living. 

Mainely Write, Donna Smith. Each of her posts featured: 1-a self-created word art in the shape of something starting with that day's letter, 2-the word art was created using a FONT that started with the letter, 3-an original poem in a form of poetry that started with the letter! It was amazing!

Rainforest Writing, D.G. Hudsen. Her theme was a shout-out to Paris. She featured historical places, art, and prominent people. It was fascinating and lovely to read.

I wish I could have visited more! Thanks A to Z hosts!

DON'T MISS! On Monday, May 14, I will launch a contest on my blog. Anyone can enter. The prize: Amazon $$. The challenge: Haiku!

Come back and check it out! (This contest will be similar to the March Limerick Contest.)


  1. It was fun looking forward to reading your blog every day! I'm sad it's back down to once a week.

  2. Aaaaah, thanks Julie - that means so much to me. And I will be back for the Haiku challenge. I wrote them wrong first thing in the morning on Twitter for months! (7,5,7 - oops!)

  3. Hi Julie, it was nice meeting you on the challenge. I think that you did great at visiting so many new blogs.

    Kathy M.

  4. Good job on the challenge. I could never have done that, with so many people participating. So I'm wowed by those who did.

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog! I'll be back around to check it out more.

  6. Hi Julie, I enjoyed reading your letter posts as well. I'm a wordsmith, and love the play on words, their various uses, and their origin.

    Thanks for the shout-out in your Reflections post. I'm honoured. Paris was easy for me to do, as it was fresh in my mind. Finding interesting tidbits about Paris was fun, too.

    I'm glad to have discovered your blog, and hope you'll drop by mine on occasion. I always comment back.

  7. It was nice visiting your blog, too. I look forward to popping in from time to time.

  8. It was fun reading your crazy questions each day! You always had something uncanny/funny that I hadn't thought about before.

  9. It really was a challenging challenge. I had a blast, but man it was work. It felt great to actually get through all 26 letters:) Congrats to you for doing so too!