Friday, May 18, 2012

Haiku Contest Voting

We have a WINNER!

Congratulations to Scott Rhoades who wrote #16-The Hobbit.

He is the proud new owner of a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Tied for 2nd place: #4-The Inheritance Cycle by Matt Ratto, #6-Keturah and Lord Death by Michelle Ratto, and #20-Swan Song by T.J. Reed.

Thanks everyone for playing. Remember to keep your skills sharp and be ready for next March's annual Limerick Contest.

We have lots a great Haiku to vote on. 

(Special thanks to the Sharks and Pebbles who once again responded generously to my call for entries.)

Read through the list below and then vote on the three you like best. Winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card email.

Here they are, in the order I received them: 

(I was going to put the titles in, but then I decided not to because it's fun to try and guess, and I don't know them all.)

Thanks for the burnt bread.
If you kiss me you get soup.
I'd like to frost you.

I better win this
last time people were cheaters
I'm the best -Brady

They held Max up high
"Let the wild rumpus begin"
They all roared out loud.

Boy and his dragon
Hot elf and four endless books
Beat Galbatorix

You're in Yellowstone?
Hey, watch your step - watch your back
So much freaking death.

death permeates all
life and love in the village
and forces a choice

My name is Cleaver
My mom is a mortician
Am I the killer?

Run, run in a maze
Find the cure for the world
WICKED always lies

I hear the echoes
From the missing and the dead
And the one who killed

She has the arrow
He has the strength, will and love
Together they win

She smells good to him
He glitters in the sunlight
Victim or girlfriend

She dresses in drapes
Rhett loves her and marries her
She's stuck on Ashley

My best friends are dead
My memories are locked away
Am I the killer?

Rich men want a wife
It's a universal law
Mother's want the match

Fearing boogieman
two finches learn tolerance
among injustice

He's number thirteen
with some dwarves and a wizard
What's in his pocket?

The Nac Mac Feegle,
fightin,' drinkin,' and fightin'
rescue Tiff's brother

Kansas behind her,
silver shoes on her feet, she
seeks Em'rald City

Pup is up in cup,
Eats a snack with Brown and Black.
Pop reads TIMBUKTU.

Young girl, heart of gold
Devil roaming happily
Will the world end?

Hazel and Mac's friends
Throw a big party for Doc
Doesn't go so well

Vampires don't sparkle.
I don't care what you girls say.
They don't. They just don't.

Call me Ishmael.
Wait. I did this book last time.
I'll try another.

Please tick the number of the THREE you like best.

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Key: 1-The Hunger Games  2-Original Work  3-Where the Wild Things Are  4-The Inheritance Cycle  5-Death In Yellowstone  6-Keturah and Lord Death  7-I Am Not a Serial Killer  8-The Maze Runner  9-The Body Finder  10-The Hunger Games  11-Twilight  12-Gone with the Wind  13-Original Novel  14-Pride and Prejudice  15-To Kill a Mockingbird  16-The Hobbit  17-?  18-The Wizard of Oz  19-?  20-Swan Song  21-?  22-Twilight  23-Moby Dick

(Scott, help me fill in the blanks!)


  1. I voted! (There are some really funny ones!)

  2. 17 is Wee Free Men. 19 is Hop on Pop. 21 is Cannery Row.

  3. I voted too! These are all fun haikus:)

  4. Thanks for the visit, Julie. It's taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get the ball rolling, but I'm so pleased to see my efforts pay off and the series begin to take off. Woot! Phew! I'm pooped! :) That's the life of a writer, baby.

  5. Holy cow! I don't know what I've been missing here, but it looks AWESOME. I will try to be a better blogger.

  6. That was fun. My first time writing one of those and I was tied for second! Woohoo haha.