Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've Been Tagged

I got tagged by Alyssa from the Platform-Building Campaign.

It is now my pleasure to answer the following assigned questions and then pass the tag along to a few others.

Let the fun begin!

1. What is your favorite holiday? Halloween. It the best because it's scary and you don't have to buy anyone presents.

2. Who is your idol? Hmmm. In terms of writing, maybe Martine Leavitt.

3. If you could visit any place in the world where would you go? Greenland. It has to be there for some reason.

4. What's your favorite genre? YA with a more literary bent, quirky stuff, and English literature.

5. What or who has inspired your writing the most? Several authors: Martine Leavitt, Shannon Hale, Markus Zusak, Mary Stewart, Neil Gaiman.

6. If you could choose any superpower what would you have? Control things with my mind so I don't have to keep getting out of bed to turn off the lights. I could just think Fold the Laundry, and it would be done!

7. If you had to be a villain, who would it be? Why? Death. Read Martine Leavitt's book and you'll know why. 

8. What is your favorite animal? My kids. (Do they count?)

9.What is your favorite food? French Fries.

10.Who is your favorite author? It's impossible to choose. Seriously!

11. What is your biggest fear? That a vampire will show up and I don't have my stake with me. 

So now, who to tag next... I have randomly chosen the following from my campaign group:

And here are YOUR questions. I shall limit myself to 10.

1. Hero or Villain?
2. What is your least favorite part of writing?
3. Who has influenced your writing the most?
4. What is your favorite climate?
5. What kind of stories do you love?
6. What kind of stories do you hate?
7. If you wrote an autobiography, what would it be called?
8. If you could put yourself in any book, which would it be?
9. If you could time travel, where in time would you go?
10. What is your favorite TV show?

Have fun and may the force be with you.


  1. Halloween! Yes - also a good time to get into the theme of things and be creative I think. Well, on my side anyway.

    Nice to find a little bit more about you Julie :)

    1. Thanks Patricia. I love Halloween because it's a no brainer. Christmas=too many decisions. Thanksgiving=too much cooking. Valentines=too much mush.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for stopping by and for the tag. Fun questions and even funnier answers. Hey, I want that super power too!

    I look forward to answering your questions soon. Nice to meet you!

    1. Yay. I'll check back to see your answers. I can't wait to learn more about you.

  3. French fries - nice! Because of a certain child of mine who watches "Freaky Friday" (the newer one) regularly, I have a great appreciation for French fries. Loved your answers!

  4. No way! French fries are totally my favorite food, too!

  5. Let it be known: Julie loves Halloween decorations so much that she keeps some Halloween decorations up all year round!

    1. Shh. Stop telling everyone my deep dark secrets!

  6. Oooh, I love the "name of your autobiography" question - and I can't wait to read everyone's answers! Hi from the Campaign! So cool to meet you :)

    1. Hi Jolene. Thanks for stopping by and following.

  7. Replies
    1. Well, I do love a good laugh! So it sounds like a plan!

  8. Hi from the campaign trail. :)
    Oooh, another French fry fan. I had to laugh at no gift buying for Halloween. That is a great thing. Great answers.

    1. I think figuring out what to buy everyone is incredibly stressful. I love giving gifts, but the pressure of picking a good one is too much for me. Hence--Halloween!

  9. Hi, Julie, I'm a new follower. I see that you follow many of the same bloggers/authors I do. Are you going to Storymakers this year. I'm looking forward to meeting you! I found you through the campaign.

    1. I am going to Storymakers this year and I'm way excited. I love that conference! I'd love to meet you. Look for me...I'll be the one wearing a name tag that says Julie Daines. :)