Thursday, February 23, 2012

Google Myself Challenge

My friend and fellow crit group member, Taffy, challenged us to google ourselves and see what comes up.

I accepted, and this is what I got:

The first 5 hits were for my own sites: my website, this blog, Facebook, Twitter and another link to this blog.

Then I got this:
Julie Daines. Not me. But she looks great and I'm sure she's a very nice person. This is her Facebook pic.

And this:
Another Julie Daines who lives in Crewe, UK. So I'd probably trade places with her if she were willing. This is from LinkedIn. It seems there are quite a few of me living in the UK.

And my personal favorite:
I don't always wear this much eye make-up, but other than that I think it's a reliable likeness.

Also the earrings are totally me.

The link for this pic is here. But caution. Not all my outfits are as conservative as this.

And this:
Apparently, back in January of 2011 I stayed at the Sirene Golf & Wellness Hotel in Turkey. According to my comments, it rained too much and the main hotel was undergoing inconvenient construction, but the Turkish Baths and Sports Massage were amazing.

And fittingly I shall end with this:

Sadly, at the age of 37, in 2004, I died suddenly, leaving behind my husband and 5 children. I lived in Coalville, Utah and will be remembered for my smile, humor, service and sense of direction.

May I rest in peace.

If you want to accept the challenge, leave a comment telling me what you find or copy a link back to your own blog.


  1. Every once in a while, I play a Google game where I google a phrase like "Scott likes" or "Scott wants."

    So, for example:
    * Scott wants to renew effort to reform ALFs
    * Scott wants All-Star recognition for Anderson Varejao
    * Scott wants his offense to move it
    * Scott Wants Cormac McCarthy's The Counselor
    * Scott wants to shift university funding away from some degrees

    But, playing by your rules:

    * I found out that I'm a Writer at Write Field Documentation Services, LLC and went to Newark High School. (Oh, wait, that really is me.)
    * There's a website called (Oh wait, that's me too.)
    * "Scott Rhoades is a freelance writer based in Utah. 'And, by the way... you're a hell of a good writer, yourself.' --Ray Orrock, Columnist Alameda Newspaper Group" (What do you know. Me again.)
    * Finally, here's something I didn't know. I'm a lawyer. "R. Scott Rhoades' practice primarily focuses on intellectual property litigation, specifically patent and trademark litigation." I hope I get paid well.
    * Some of this is news to me too: "Scott Rhoades is a husband, father, atheist, Humanist, and President of the Lancaster Freethought Society in Lancaster PA." I've never even been to Pennsylvania.


    1. That's hilarious. I was thinking the lawyer part might come in handy if Christopher ever needs help with Petunia.

  2. So, like the rest of humanity, I was curious what Julie needs. SO I used Google to find out.

    * Julie needs paper pleasing ideas.
    * Julie needs Facebook.
    * Beautiful Julie needs a loving home.
    * Julie needs your help!
    * Baby Julie needs your urgent prayers.
    * Julie needs additional padding in her bike shorts.

    Now you know.

    1. Well, at least the first and the last are true. I do need paper pleasing ideas, and more padding in my bike shorts would be heaven!!

      Too funny!

  3. I live close to Coalville, Utah. But I moved here in 2008. The death was already long forgotten by then. At least the ghost is still on the interwebz.

    1. Apparently, nothing on the web ever goes away. Ever. :)

      It was kind of a sad obituary, actually. I felt sorry for the family left without a mom.

  4. I gotta say, the spider eyes you kind of freaks me out.

    I googled me, and came up with nothing interesting. I was hoping for something similar to Taffy's man. :)

    1. Taffy's guy was hilarious. I loved sleeping Taffy!

  5. You people are funny! I haven't tried Scott's Google game. That's next. I appreciated the spider eyes too, Peggy! There are a lot of Peggy's who make cookies...

    Interesting Google finds, Julie.

  6. Here's what I found from Scott's game:

    *Loyal Taffy needs a loving home
    *Warm Taffy needs glasses
    *Tiff Taffy needs a laughy
    *Taffy needs your votes!
    *Taffy needs fired and replaced (!)
    *taffy needs obedience training
    (and a pit bull named Taffy. Seriously??)

    1. This is hilarious. My favorite: Taffy needs obedience training!

      Sit, Taffy. Write. Good girl.

  7. This is so funny. I got three pictures of the same old man, followed by a picture of two dogs. Plus, the dogs forgot the E on the end of my name. How rude of them.

  8. I found out that I'm a young blond professional body-boarder living in Hawaii. And I own my own body-boarding company.

    Now I'm jealous of myself.

  9. What a fun challenge. Funny about all the stuff you found. So cool. I'm off to google myself now!

    1. I hope you found something interesting! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I found out I am a CLEAN comedian, a British germanilist, southeast Texas coach of the year in 2012, and died in July of 2011. The actual TJ Reed that passed in July of 2011 is all over the net because of his battles with cancer. I can only hope to be as strong as the young man that shared my name.

    1. Hi TJ. It's a little weird--thinking about all these alternate yous. Makes me wonder how different life would be if I made different choices...

  11. Hi Julie! I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge sign up list, getting a head start on finding great new blogs. Nice to meet you! (the real you, not those other yous lol.


    1. Hi Karen. You're really on the ball to be working on the A to Z challenge already. Nice to meet you.

  12. Oh man....I already blogged today, but I'm going to have to try this tomorrow. Hilarious!