Thursday, May 26, 2011


Google Search: "Caring for Venus Fly Traps" Yes, the kids all wanted Venus Fly Traps--except for the oldest, he wanted a pitcher plant. They should arrive in the mail any day. Stay tuned.

I decided to share with the world--or at least my meager followers--my sanctuary. We have a little nook in our master bedroom and my husband converted it into an office for me. This is where I do all my writing, editing, and other time wasting activities on my computer. (Like ordering Venus Fly Traps.)

So, here's a tour:

This is my desk and writing area. I love it because I have a nice view out the front window and there is plenty of light.

Notice the green garbage can under my desk. My 9yo daughter gave it to me for Christmas. So practical.

I love the book cases behind me. It makes me feel like I'm surrounded by author greatness.

And here is my elephant palm. The only plant I've managed to keep alive for over a year. It doesn't seem to mind only being watered once every few weeks.

And beside the palm is my muse. My Jane Austen action figure. It's okay to be jealous.

One of the best things I ever bought for my writing desk is this: a recycled mousepad/notepad. Since I got my MacBook Pro, I don't use a mouse. But I use this pad ALL THE TIME.

I jot down words that might work in a particular sentence. Names. Ideas. Any thing that I want to remember for a week or two, because thats about how fast I go through pages.

So, there you have it. My writing sanctuary.


  1. What a perfect place to write! I especially love all those bookshelves behind you. It really does give you more inspiration, doesn't it?

  2. I'm very jealous. It's so neat - and oh, the books, and gah, the Austen figure! I'm not showing mine because it's littered with scribbled on scraps and post-its, printed-out and marked-up manuscripts, colored pencils (from art), kids notes to sign for school, etc. Not pretty. And I'm so impressed with the live plant! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I SO want a Jane Austen action figure! :)

    Your sanctuary is gorgeous. I write on the couch, but someday I hope to have a personal writing space.

  4. I love your desk! So very inviting and light. Isn't it great to have a sanctuary?

  5. This looks very cozy. Tell us you cleaned it up for the photo.

    I'm lucky if I can find space on the kitchen table for my laptop.