Monday, May 9, 2011

LDStorymakers 2011!

Weather Check: Wind howling, overcast skies, rain, and fog! Heaven. Don't bother me now--I'm writing!!

LOVED this years conference. Met some amazing people and award winning authors and awesome agents. Had a chance to reconnect with some old friends, too. Hats off to Jaime Theler and everyone involved in organizing the event.


Meeting Sara Megibow, of course. She was so nice it only took me seconds to realize I'd wasted a lot of sweat needlessly stressing about my pitch. And her class on Acquiring a Literary Agent was extremely helpful--and entertaining. This woman knows her stuff.

The first chapter awards! Yay! Bragging now--I came in second this year in the category of YA fiction. I placed first last year, but I didn't mind giving up the number one seat because it went to my good friend and writing partner--Yamile Mendez! She's amazing.

Larry Brooks's master class on story structure. One of those lightbulb classes where suddenly you see and understand the big picture.

Sarah Eden's hilarious shenanigans. Her video segments were too funny! Nicely done! I hope they post a recap of her kid's definitions about the different genres of fiction.

Reading the awesome and disturbing and deliciously creepy short story "Malach" by fellow bootcamper Cory Webb. Keep your eyes on her, she's got some serious talent.

And so many other informative classes and cool people. As writers we may be introverts, but get us together in one big pack and we know how to have fun!


  1. Congrats again on the award! When do I get to read the first chapter?

  2. The first chapter is posted on my website!! Yipee!

  3. Wow! Placing two years running, great job. Is this the story you'll be bringing to WIFYR?

  4. @Elizabeth: No. I'm bringing a new project that I'm about 5 chapters into.

  5. Julie, congratulations! I've heard about Larry Brooks. Wow, so glad you got to go! I'd like to go next year.

  6. Just checking out the fiction on your website. I dig your playlists. Some great music there. And congrats on the first chapter awards. Which books were they for?

  7. @Brent: 1st place for "Burning Amber" and 2nd place for "A Blind Eye." Thanks for checking them out.

  8. I'm so proud of you! Your stories are awesome and you're one to watch too.
    Remember to lend me the notes you took during Larry's class. He knows his story structure!