Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too Much Sunshine is Bringing Me Down

Google search of the day: "What kinds of chemicals are used in embalming fluids?"

Quote of the day: "Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes." ~Friedrich Nietzsche 

Sometimes I ask myself, why did I take up writing? I've been reading some of my favorite author's works--Martine Leavitt. It's a little depressing to stand on one side of the gap and squint my eyes to see how far above and beyond me her writing is. Do they make bridges that big?

These sunny days are killing me. The kids are so excited for spring. But I prefer stormy weather. There is no imagination in sunny skies. If you're lucky, a bunny cloud will float by.

Give me dark skies, rain on the window, and wind howling past my house. Now I have Wuthering Heights and The Tempest swirling around me. Throw in some fog and I've got Bram Stoker's Dracula. That's what I need--a little weatherly inspiration.

I have now said my peace. I shall close my computer and go outside in the sun and shovel 3 tons of bark mulch from my front driveway to my back yard. Good times.

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UPDATE: After I posted this, I received an advertisement offering a special deal to enroll in an embalming school! Haha!


  1. You know, I hear there's actually quite the market for embalming... in ancient Egypt...

  2. Best of luck with the bark shoveling. And we'll take some of your sunshine over here. We've had enough blustery days to keep both Dracula and Winnie the Pooh happy. And you're right. Martine Leavitt is divine!