Monday, February 11, 2013

The Reviews are In!

Congratulations to Michelle Craig! She won the Shannon Hale giveaway pack!

Now, head on over to InkSplasher to read the first official book blog review of A Blind Eye.

For any of you locals, I'll be having a book signing and launch party at Seagull Book in American Fork Saturday, February 16, from 1-3 PM.

I have some awesome door prizes I'll be giving away--including a few T-shirts all the way from LONDON!

Coming up on the blog tour:
February 18: LDSWBR
February 20: I'm a Reader, Not a Writer
February 20: Peggy Eddleman: Will Write for Cookies

And check out this bit of awesomeness:

Since my book has hit the shelves, I've been overwhelmed by the excitement, support, kindness, and generosity of nearly everyone I know. I've had established authors recommending me for speaking and panel positions, friends and family buying more books than I can count--and reading it and LOVING it! And the list goes on forever. THANK YOU everyone! 

I can't wait to show you the super fantastic book trailer of awesomesauce that's coming up in March. Just you wait and keep your pants on, or it's going to rock them off!


  1. So excited for your book trailer! And you had an awesome first review too! Of course it's no wonder. Your book is amazing!

  2. Loved the review! Where is that stack of books at, Seagull or Desert Book?

  3. I looked at your reviews on Amazon. They are wonderful. Sure to pull in some readers. I hope your book does well.

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