Saturday, March 17, 2012

Winner!! Limerick Pitch Contest

After a crazy night of voting, we have a winner!

Brooke Emery! Who wrote number 11, the Twilight limerick.

Don't forget to come back and play again next year.

Thanks a million to everyone who entered!

Voting ends on Sunday, March 18th. Winner will be announced Monday, March 19th.

Here they are: Update** I added the names of the books.

#1 (Carrie)
I'll think of something, I will!
Just don't my mama you tell.
She thought I was a spawn
And satan's hideous pawn
All because I sent my friends to a fiery, um, outer darkness.

#2 (original novel)
Dear Agent, I have a cool story,
Sometimes scary and a little bit gory.
This kid meets some Vikings
(could this be to your liking?)
And together they seek fame and glory.

#3 (The Hunger Games)
A fight to the death it must be
For the tributes to gain victory.
Only one can survive
So what a surprise
When both of them won, yippee!

#4 (original novel)
A boy's on the coast with his auntie,
Who keeps him out back in a shanty.
He must find--with his tutor,
And a mouse (what is cuter?)--
A lost will. Can he do it or can't he?

#5 (Gone with the Wind)
Her mammy was all in a dither,
She wouldn't eat a bite of her dinner.
She didn't want to burp,
On Ashley (that jerk!)
And end up an old Southern Spinster.

#6 (Origami Yoda, written by my 10 year old daughter)
I love Origami Yoda
I think he drinks soda
Origami Yoda can tell the future
It's not normal nature
I like reading it on the sofa.

#7 (original novel, sort of)
The police looked far and wide
For the person that could hide
But they could not find
And were in a bind
As the killer laughed from the side

#8 (Lord of the Rings)
Through all the folk and lore
One had to "walk to Mordor"
The ring they had
It was very bad
They had to for the war

#9 (Narcissus)
Narcissus’ heart was in pain
In love with himself again
He could not look away
Until his dying day
And thus the demise of the vain!

#10 (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)
There’s a place where it rained from the sky
Spaghetti, French toast and pie!
The town was aflutter
‘Till a large mold of butter
Flattened them straight as a tie.

#11 (Twilight Saga)
The writing was mediocre and dry
Still Bella and Edward were fly
Until they had a baby
And it got so dumb crazy
All its readers just wanted to die.

#12 (The Grapes of Wrath)
When the dust storms done ruined their land
And from their home the bank had them banned
The Joads headed for Cali
To pick fruit in the valley
But nothing went as they had planned

#13 (The Odyssey)
Odysseus took off for Troy
Leaving his wife and his boy
Took twenty years to get back
His wife's suitors to hack
Yes, this tale's just loaded with joy.

#14 (Moby Dick)
Dear Agent, please read my tale,
'Bout a guy who was called Ishmael
Sailing on the Pequod
Ahab's leg had been gnawed
So he's seeking revenge on that whale

Voting is closed. We received 40 votes.

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All those not labeled original novel are from well known stories. Can you name them? Feel free to add your own limerick to the comments.

Don't forget to come back and play again next year!


  1. Oh Twilight, and Grapes of Wrath, Lord of the Rings, The Loom of Fate, Even the Smallest Creature, the Odyssey, Moby Dick, Gone with Wind! (not in this order, but I think I got a few :-)
    Great contest! Good luck to all the participants and Happy St Patty's day!

  2. I liked the "yipee" at the end of Hunger Games, and the Twilight one is the best description I've heard of the series! And in only 5 lines.

  3. I didn't know you were having a contest or I would have put my thinking cap on earlier. Here's mine:

    My friend Julie is writing some fiction
    But the edits are causing her friction
    She fears they’ll say “rubbish”
    But hopes they’ll say “publish”
    Then surely she’ll have a conniption.

    1. Here is the limerick I wrote for Priscilla, my friend who lives in Kentucky.

      My dear friend Priscilla is stuck
      Where tornados and floods run amuck.
      But with fate on her side,
      And her three handsome guys,
      Let's hope she don't run out of luck!

  4. Number eight (8) is the best!!

    1. Nice try Brady. We all know this is you campaigning for votes.

  5. I am assuming Brady wrote 8. it is the best though.

  6. There's something for you on my blog :)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks for voting! At the end there, Brady was calling all his friends and telling them to vote for his (Lord of the Rings). But in the end, Brooke still pulled through. :)

  8. Hahahaha these are hilarious! What a great idea. Too bad I didn't see this earlier, or I would've entered! Although I suck at poetry, so it's probably a good thing :).

    1. Stick around Kate, I'll be doing it again next year!! And anyone can write a limerick. It's not REAL poetry, its fun poetry.

  9. #1 actually is CARRIE by Stephan King

    CONGRATS to the winner!

    1. OOOOHHHHH! That makes a lot more sense now. I thought it was from Not Me and I couldn't quite fit the mom part in.