Monday, November 28, 2011

The Holocaust Called NaNoWriMo

Last year my NaNo project looked like this:

Monet (Source)

It came together so beautifully and perfectly. All I had to do was clean up some problems with the characters and fix a few minor plot hiccups, and voila! One year later, it's accepted for publication.

This year my NaNo project looks like this:

Pollock (Source)
Complete chaos and disaster. I'm not sure it can be salvaged. I even had the plot outlined better than last year, and all my research done. But, like this painting, it's just not working. Grrr!

I guess I'll just finish it, then tuck it away while I work on something else. Maybe I'll like it better when I've had a chance to let it rest.


  1. I LOVE that these paintings convey your feelings toward your writing. I am sorry that you're feeling like this year's is a mess, but maybe some time away, maybe working on something else, will put it into perspective and suddenly all the haphazard lines will suddenly form a beautiful image for you! Maybe you expected too much from yourself this year and it kept you from letting the story flow the way it needed to. Step away. Relax. It'll come together just like the Monet! christy

  2. You always say your writing's not so great, and then great things always happen with your writing. So I'm sure it will come together eventually. You can do it!

  3. @Christy, Thanks for the good advice! I think I do need to step away for a bit.

    @Brooke, You're so clever! And I'm still mad at you and all your followers of your newlywed bliss!

  4. Things always make sense later. Or maybe a good crit partner could find a redeemable thread that will live on to greatness. You never know. Nano is just the spark, it's up to you how much you want to work to get the fire raging!

  5. @Shell, Thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you and thanks for the NaNo encouragement. I'm looking forward to revising.

  6. Julie! I love the look of your blog!