Monday, July 25, 2011

Remember the Good Ol' Days

Quote of the Day: "Womble up the rubbish, put it in the bin." ~my Womble pull-string toy.

I was digging around in my parent's basement the other day and found one of my oldest, favorite toys. A WOMBLE!!

What is a Womble? It's a plush toy based on a old stop-motion TV show from Britain that aired in the mid-70s. My guy's name is Orinocco.

What he looks like now.

What he looked like then.

The Wombles live on the Wimbledon Green and collect old rubbish and stuff and use it to go on all sorts of crazy adventures. I got my toy when I lived in London in 1978 (ish). He has a pull string that no longer works, but I remember two of his phrases very well. My favorte is the quote of the day, and the other one is "Womble days are happy days."

Ah...the flood of childhood memories. 

I logged onto You Tube and found a few episodes. After watching two of them I thought, children's TV has come a long way. Then I remembered the Teletubbies and realized it hasn't changed much at all. 




  1. I read the whole post and even watched {most of} the movie, but I still can't understand the enthusiasm behind your scream when you found that Womble in the storage room.

  2. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia!

  3. Have you still got him?
    I had one exactly like that and remember him most fondly :-)

    1. I do still have him, but he's looking a bit worn and his clothes are lost.

    2. Would you be prepared to part with him for a reasonble price?

    3. Thanks for the interest, but I think I'll just hang on to him. He has sentimental value to me.

    4. I have just come across a womble teddy just like this one :-) have been trying to find more info on it but haven't had much luck. Do you know how much yours is worth?